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conversions for brands of instant yeasts

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Bruce J

conversions for brands of instant yeasts

The only instant yeast I can buy is Fleishmann's bread machine yeast.  I have used it quite a bit for bread machines but am now starting BBA.  I have consistantly read that for long rises SAF Red star instant is much better.  However I can only find that on line in 1 pound packages (way too big).  Since Fleishmanns starts off faster and dies off quicker is there any hints to possible recipe conversions if you use Fleishmanns.


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about what you said - could you point me to the source(s) where claims are made that Fleishmanns Bread Machine yeast "starts off faster and dies quicker" as I had not heard that before.  I find on the KA Baker's circle site a claim that Fleishmanns "RapidRise" yeast does that, but not the bread machine yeast.

Anyway, I've used SAF instant and Fleishmanns Bread Machine yeast interchangeably for the past few years.  I see no difference in their performance in my bread.

SAF is a brand and Red Star is another brand.  They are both made by the LeSaffre company and both come in the usual confusing array of instant-rapid-and etc.

While I see no reason for you to purchase the SAF instant, you would be surprised how quickly a pound will go.  Stored in the freezer, the stuff will last 5 or so years - so if you want to buy a pound - then you've done your yeast shopping for the next few years!

Happy Baking!


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Starting speed is usually reflecting the freshness of the yeast and its storage conditions. And yeast usually dies when it runs out of food. Between those two bounds there isn't much difference between brands.