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#BreadChat February 2013 transcript

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#BreadChat February 2013 transcript

Hello, this is bagel_and_rye from Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers. Today we hosted our monthly #BreadChat on Twitter. The topic was the various yeasts available to both amateur and professional bread bakers. We asked the following questions:

Q1: Let's review various types of yeast: wild, fresh, dry active, instant, osmotolerant. In which breads are they used? Why? #BreadChat 
Q2: Some commercial yeasts are hard to find in some parts of the world. Can we substitute one type of yeast for another? How? #BreadChat 
Q3: Baker's maxim: use minimum yeast to develop maximum flavor from flour. Techniques for this--time, temperature, pre-ferments? #BreadChat


Our co-hosts this month were:

This month's #BreadChat transcript is quite long, so we've made it available as a PDF: