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Mold on soaker dough?

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Mold on soaker dough?

I am making Reinharts whole wheat bread for the first time using the master formula. I made the soaker last night using yogurt instead of milk or soy which is an option in his recipe. Covered bowl with plastic wrap, but didn't refrigerate since recipe says no need to. This morning, I noticed a small red spot and a green spot on the dough that looks like small particles of mold. 

Is this batch OK to use, or should I pitch it and start over?

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If it were me I would not take the chance and I would pitch it and start over.  I have made that recipe and did not have any mold issues, so I'm not sure why you do.  Maybe the yogurt you used was going bad and caused a moldy reaction.

Good luck.

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Mini Oven

sounds more to me like wrapping... check the plastic wrap box to see if any colors match.  That seems just too fast for mold!  Maybe some paper particles stuck to the plastic and fell into the soaker while it was covered.   Other option, any colored sprinkles around that might have been tranferred or fallen off objects?  ...a wild thought.  

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I seriously doubt it is even possible for mold to grow that fast! I would bet it is more likely to be particles from the plastic wrap box. I wouldn't toss it...I would pick those particles out and use it!