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Komo(or other mills) fineness for bread

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Komo(or other mills) fineness for bread

I just bought a Komo and am making my first loaf of Rye bread now with fresh miller Rye berries. I'm not sure the setting I should use for fineness. I am doing this loaf at about 50% (dead middle of front). What do people generally use as a guide for bread flour and what are the pros and cons of varied size flour grains?

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I mill at the first at the coarsest setting.  Then I mill again at the finest setting I can get (check the temperature of the flour so it's not over 110F when coming out of the mill).  I sift the flour and take the leavings(what's left in the sifter) and remill  that at the fine setting and mix all together to get a bread flour that seems to work well for whole grain baking.

You can also just mill at the fine setting too. 

Hope this helps. 


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I have had my mill (Salzburger MAX) for little over a year and find that if I mill too fine, it affects the rise in the bread. So I tend to mill in one pass just above the bottom setting. I mostly mill whaet, rye and oats.