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5% Freshly Milled Rye Country Loaf

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5% Freshly Milled Rye Country Loaf

KAF Sir Galahad (AP) 95%

Fresh Milled Rye Flour 5%

Hydration 77%

Levain (25% of the flour is Whole Wheat, 100% hydration) 25%

Salt 2%

Using the "Tartine" method, I refreshed a mature starter with 90 degrees F water, and inocculated it 20%.  After 2.5 hours mixed the levain, 85 degrees F water and flours.  Autolyse for 30 minutes, then added the salt. The dough temperature ended up at 81 degrees F.   Two stretch and folds each hour for the first 2 hours, let sit until 25-30% rise.  Pre-shaped and benched for 30 minutes.  Shaped, placed in baskets and counter proofed for 1.5 hours. Then onto a 39 degree F retard for 17 hours.

The crust was thick and chewy, the crumb was soft and slightly sour.  Why only 5% rye you might ask, because my kids are always on the look out for "brown bread" and won't touch it.  So I figured I will slowly increase the amount as time goes by.    



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And great looking bread - what wonderful open crumb.  I bet it tastes good too with that hint of rye.  It's great to sneak up on the kids with a little added at a time, hopefully they won't notice and they will be eating more healthily.

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You might be able to fool your down-on-brown kids by using White Whole Wheat Flour (KA sells some, as does BRM I think).

That's a real beauty there you've baked.  Nice.  Covergirl Cwality Crumb.


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and has to be delicious.  Those pesky are hard to fool sometimes.  You can get white rye too from KA or just sift regular rye.  But my Mom had a great way to get her kids to eat anything we didn't like.  She just didn't provide anything else till it was gone. Hungry kids will eat anything when they know that is all there is until it is gone - at least we did :-) 

Happy Baking

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Nice bake. You're crumb and crust look excellent.