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75% Whole Wheat Bread

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75% Whole Wheat Bread

Have not posted any of my baking results recently, so I thought that I would share a photo of the 75% whole Wheat Bread from Ken Forkish's book.  It was pretty darn good, but since it was more healthy, not as much of a hit as the white.  :P



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a huge hit with me!  Beautiful baking.  Hope you post a crumb shot later.

Happy Baking

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just baked myself a couple 60% wholewheat :)

wholesome .. 

who says wholewheat bread is not a hit!

beautiful bread krasnyja :)


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you bake too evonlim!  Whole wheat is a great bread if there isn't some rye or multi-grain around :-) Whole wheat must be the bread of the week!  Mine came out well too.  Just delicious.

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Can you please post the recipe?

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Hi, Nice to see your bread.   Yes, it's always a harder sell to get people to eat the whole wheat, but I find they adjust over time.   And every now and then I throw in something white.  Your bread looks great.   Must see the crumb.  -Varda