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Mure-Peyrot Boulange Lame

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Mure-Peyrot Boulange Lame

I am interested in purchasing Mure-Peyrot Boulange Lame from I know you can make your own version but would rather have one that has a solid body and a curved blade. Does anyone have this particular item? If so what is your feedback, good/bad?

Does anyone know if you would have to purchase the replacement blades made for this specific model or can you purchase doubled-edged razors from a pharmacy/Wal-Mart? Buy the looks of it, it looks like the replacement blades have a universal design to razors used for shaving?

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I ordered one of these lames and was not so happy with it.  The plastic tip at the top of the lame tended to get 'stuck' in my dough when attempting to deeply score a sourdough loaf.  That being said, I'm no expert scorer of loaves. 

Replacement blades are just the standard double edged razor blades used for shavers.


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Breadtopia has a rather nice lame that I bought quite a while ago - they also sell the replacement blade packages. Having said that, I prefer my PureKomachi 2 (red tomato knife?) that was recommended here..seems to work the best with no 'drag' on the dough.

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Coffee stirrers and razor blades! Razor blades are universally the same, I've been using double edge/straight razors for shaving for years and all the brands of double edge blade I've seen are identical in construction.  They differ in sharpness somewhat, but all will be plenty sharp enough for cutting dough and you should be able to pick them up in any good supermarket or pharmacy

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Barbara Krauss

There are several sellers on E-Bay offering packs of 100 double-edged razor blades for between $13 and $16, no shipping.  These should last a while.

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I use these disposable knives. They are cheap and when they get dull I just snap off a few sections and viola.. a new lame`.

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So taking advice of jackie in the post above I decide to check out Breadtopia

I know I could of made a homemade one but I wanted something permanent and this one fit the bill. Used it today for the first time and I must say that I love it and for the price, I love it even more. They also have super cheap razor blades $1 for 5 blades. They have a flat rate shipping for about $4 so I decided to purchase 5 of them.

Shipping was super fast and very satisfied with them. Will definitely do more business in the future and highly recommend them. 

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Hello everyone,

I am pleased to introduce our brand new Facebook page Mure & Peyrot, specially designed for our range bakery. In the latter, you will find mainly scoring tools with replaceable blades in detectable plastic. You can also discover equipment specially designed for bakery and pastry (razor blades, straight and serrated blades, double scarification ...). Do not hesitate to come to like the page and contact us for more information.

Waiting for you :) :