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Apple Yeast for the first time

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Apple Yeast for the first time



Today’s Bread [2013.2.4_5]

・100g Apple Yeast Leaven
・150g Lys d'or (bread flour)
・35g Super Fine Hard (whole wheat flour)
・3g Sea Salt
・115g Water (total 70% hydration dough)

  • 9 hours at room temperature (16~18C) bulk fermentation.
  • Baked covered steel cans.

by jamcraft, on Flickr


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baker.  It was amazing to me how long it can take to get it to rise sometimes but it is worth it.  Your crumb is classic soft and moist YW all the way.  Glad you sneaked in a little whole wheat too.

Nice baking

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"Covered Baking Tips" is the same idea as using the cast iron pot.

My oven can not be temperature set separate of top and bottom.
Blocking heat from the up is steamed in a can.
Not hard and bulk up to Dough.
But, It is 10~12 min from the start.

I am always looking for ways to make steam...


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Very nice loaf.  I keep 2 yeast waters.  One is apple and the other is raisin.  I bake with them mixed with my regular sd so my loaves aren't 100% YW as yours is.  Love the color of the crust.

Take Care,


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Hi Janet,

I made an apple Yeast Water for the first time.
I also baked sourdough.
It was a good smell! ^^

Happy Baking!