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Baguettes: sourdough levain and a little Rye

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Baguettes: sourdough levain and a little Rye

Another go at baguettes. Made this weekend. 70:20:10 (AP:Bread:Whole Rye); 68% Hydration, Overnight retardation at 50°F. Excellent wheaty flavor, with an edge (probably the Rye). All the Bread flour was prefermented feeding the levain builds. This dough is essentially the same as that I mix for sourdough batards; only difference being 45;45;10 (AP:Bread: Whole Rye) flour ratios.

David G


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Ok then, pass the olive oil!

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Just beautiful!  Perfect crumb and crust.  I think you are ready for France!


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Another good example of proper handling of dough and fermentation, at a modest hydration.  You rock!


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I've worked steadily at finding and developing dough handling and long, cool fermentation practices to consistently get satisfactory open crumb with 65% to 68% hydration. In the case of baguettes I also think the relatively high surface to volume ratio of the baguette shape, along with a good quality, preheated baking stone (quality measured in the stone's heat energy storing capacity) is also a primary contributor to open crumb. This same dough, shaped into a tightly drawn batard, will not exhibit the same amount of openness.

Truth is, despite hours of practice, I'm still not very adept at handling high hydration doughs. (> 72%). Except for ocassional ciabattas or foccachias I stay in the aforementioned range.

David G

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high hydration for holes!  Nice baking David!  The yre has toi add to the taste profile.

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Hi David,
Your baguette is beautiful - the glimpse of the scoring looks just aswonderful as the crumb.
:^) breadsong

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Lovely crumb, David.  I also like adding a small amount of rye to my baguette dough for extra flavour. Must've tasted really good. Thank you for sharing. :)

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want to sink my teeth to that wonderful looking crumb... 

very nice work


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...for the praise. I really wish I could virtually share more than just a picture with you.

David G


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Wow,  just look at that open, beautiful crumb!  Wonderful job coaxing that texture out of a 68% hydration dough.  Bet the rye gives a wonderful surprise- a burst of flavor- in a baguette.  Very appealing :)