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Hand Made Wood Lames for Sale

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Hand Made Wood Lames for Sale

Just saw this on Northwest Sourdough Blog.

I already have a lame, but these look beautiful and they are not expensive at all.  Handcrafted from wood with a beautiful design.


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Faith in Virginia

They are nice but I made my own.  This was a challenge on Forno Bravo for creative lame handles.

  And Yes, that is my hand.



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How many stitches to close that up, Faith?

Cheers (and hope it's healed OK now)

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Faith in Virginia

Just a play on the words "Hand Made Lame" and a touch of Hollywood special affects in Virginia.  One cut blade and a bit of glue and chocolate sauce was used so no hand model was injured in the making of that picture.

But still a quick look still gives me the shivers. 

Things I do to entertain myself.




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That's funny.  It looks like some of the photos in my first aider text book.

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I just bought one of these and could not be happier with the results.  It is beautiful to look at and slashes the loaves better than the "professional" plastic lame I had been using. Bob

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Hello Faith:

  You are a "Jack of all trade". I already respect you from your fixing of the sheeter, the croissant maker and now a "Hollywood special effect" . My, my, my....What will you do next???

   On the serious note, was asked by Booker T Washington National Park management today to think about doing " Eat Healthy, Eat Locals" venture for the next year Park promotion and to help local growers.  It is a big project and I am passionate about promoting local growers. (People call me about which farms to buy stuff all the time).  I have no clue how to do it yet and it is really a big project but I will try hard.  Any comment from you in Floyd?


Faith in Virginia's picture
Faith in Virginia

How exciting!  What an honor to be asked to work with the park.  I'm sure you will come up with interesting  and creative stuff to promote local growers.  I will give that some thought and see if I can think of any suggestions to help.

Good luck, sounds like fun...and work.

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Barbara Krauss

I bought one of these lames a couple of years ago and I don't care for it.  They are beautiful, but unless I'm using the blade at a 90 degree angle, I find it's hard to get a good angle on the surface of the dough without the wooden handle getting in the way.  After much experimenting, I actually prefer a wooden coffee stirer: they are easy to thread, gives a nice curve to the blade, and you can't beat the price.  

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I use a bamboo skewer, also keeps a nice curved blade.