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Can KA Attachments Be Used on a Hobart?

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Can KA Attachments Be Used on a Hobart?

I just bought an old Hobart N50 without attachments, and I've been told that Kitchenaid attachments will work with it. I've also seen postings here and there that say NOT ALL Kitchenaid attachments will work with a Hobart. I'm looking for a definitive answer as to whether or not I'd be safe in buying any KA attachments for my circa 1952 Hobart N50, and if so, which ones? I've tried asking Kitchenaid directly.  I've tried unsuccessfully to contact Hobart. I've tried to contact leolady. I've tried asking on the Vintage Kitchenaid (Hobart) Facebook page. I've tried asking individual sellers of the attachments themselves. I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone at all. No one seems to know. I'm very excited to have this mixer, but I'm becoming very frustrated in that it's not as useful as I'd hoped it would be unless I can get some attachments for it.  Can anyone here help me?

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Leolady is (was?) a member here.  Here's a link to her blog.  It hasn't been updated for nearly a year, but you might find helpful info there.

Doing a search here at TFL might also turn up something.

If you purchase KA attachments from a reputable shop and they don't fit, you do have the option to return them for a refund.  You might have to go that route.

Good luck in your quest.


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@ LindyD, thanks so much for the link to leolady's blog. It has been trememdously helpful! That woman is a walking encyclopedia on the subject of vintage KA/Hobart mixers. I have a much more clear idea of what I'm doing since going there, and I've only looked at the first page so far! 

@ Linder, thanks for the link to the Web Restaurant Store. They have the dough hook I need at a reasonable price. If I can't scare one up on Ebay or Craigslist, at least I know I can get one there. (((Hugs))) to you, both!