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More SF Sourdough

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More SF Sourdough

In keeping with my practice and hopeful improvement, I baked some more of David Snyder's SF Sourdough(using the 4th iteration of the formula).  Today, I got some great oven spring on the batard even with my awful scoring -

Here's the bread after its bake with steam in the oven -


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Hello Linder:

What a great looking bread!  Wow! I am impressed. How about a crumb shot. David is a master of everything. I don't think that I have ever seen anything from David that is not a Masterpiece.  You should be proud of your bread. That is an immense oven spring. Your starter must be very strong.  I am jealous.



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like pretty fine compared to mine :-)  Very nice baking al the way around.  With that spring yuou know the crumb will be very good as well.

Nice Baking!

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Song Of The Baker

Linda, this is a very nice bake!  I love when loaves have that 'ready to explode' look to them.  Amazing lift you got in this one.

Thanks for the post :)


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Thanks John, DA, and Thaichef.  I'm all in all pretty happy with the loaves.  My husband will be happy to eat them all week long with a big pot of soup I left for him as I am off to baking class next week (very excited about this).  A solid week of all things bready (mostly baguettes, baguettes and MORE baguettes) at SFBI.  I'll have my laptop with me so I can report on the class and keep up with what's happening here.


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I'm looking forward to your reports from the SFBI workshop.


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And awful scoring must now be redefined because I think your scores came out great.    But what about the taste?   Did you get the flavor you were looking for?   -Varda

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Sorry, Varda, no crumb shot available, the camera is with me in South San Francisco and the breads are being eaten by my hubby in Martinez.  The taste is nicely sour, without being overly so, it is what I like most about this dough.    Thanks for the encouragement re: scoring - I'm trying to get 'ears' on the scores, and need to slant my lame more to achieve them.