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Overnight 25% Whole Wheat & fruited ciabatta

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Overnight 25% Whole Wheat & fruited ciabatta

I tried my hand at the 25% whole wheat recipe

Bread Flour: 375g, WW Flour: 125g, 370g water, 7g salt, 2.5g instant yeast.

The poolish was just bread flour and water and a little yeast.

I did 3 folds@ 20 minute intervals and left it to  bulk ferment in the fridge for 12 hours, then let it proof for 75 minutes in my new bread form.

I preheated the oven to 475, then turned it down to 425 once the loaf was in. 20 min in the DO, and 20 more on the stone. internal temp was 207F when I took it out.

The boule slipped on it's way into the DO so I ended up with a lop-sided design.

Despite trying the DO to stone technique the bottom still scorched.  I'll have to experiment more with oven temp and time in the DO. Fortunately it's a very thin layer.

The crumb was decent but I'd like to see it more open -  It tasted great though.

Lastly, here's a pic of the interior of a fruited ciabatta roll that I made using the Jason's quick recipe and a berry mix.

Very festive. It made an excellent vehicle for ham and melted brie. 


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Other than your burned bottom looks like you had a nice tasty crusty loaf with excellent crumb structure.

nice bake.