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Tried a couple of new techniques today

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Tried a couple of new techniques today

I have been baking mostly the same bread since I started making bread with yeast this month. 

300 g AP flour

1 tsp yeast

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1 cup water

I tried a couple of new things today - and what is really cool is that they all worked!

1.  autolyse for 30 min.

2. did a french fold. 

3. used a brotform

I switched to instant yeast with today's loaf so it would be easier to try autolyse.  I had been using ADY.  I guess it worked the way it was supposed to.  I had a cohesive dough after 30 minutes.

I found a great video on this site for doing the french fold:  I have a KA stand mixer, but its just a baby Classic Plus 4.5 and I did not want to fry it kneading dough every few days.  I set up my tablet with this video playing and did a french fold.  It worked spooky well!  Lift stretch fold - repeat a lot and ended up with a very nice ball of dough.  I did have to keep my hands wet to get the dough to stretch well - I do not know if I should or not, but it worked.

I just started baking bread this month, so that means I have been able to go and buy some fun, new toys.  I bought two small, oval brotforms and used one today.  Everything worked mostly great.  The formed, proofed dough came out of the brotform with no trouble, but since I am still learning how to form batards, I did not have my seam sealed very well and it blew out during baking.  I do not like a lot of flour on my baking loaves, so I tried to brush most of it off but there was flour on the parchment paper and I could smell it while the loaf baked, I did not like that at all.  I will have to get rid of the flour off the parchment next time.

Here is the loaf out of the brotform and getting ready to be baked

This is fresh from the oven - you can see where the side blew out

and this is what it looks like inside

So, not a bad day of baking.




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I've seen a couple of video's that uses metal tables when they are kneading.  Am wondering if the table is stainless steel and if it is better to knead on metal rather on wood, etc.  What is your opinion?

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I have only seen stainless steel work surfaces in commercial/industrial applications.  There did not seem to be any issues with that surface in the video on the french fold.  I am very new to bread baking, as in this month, and what I have read so far points to using a wood surface.  I have a cart in my kitchen that has a granite top that is 26" x 21" and is the same height has my counters and that is what I have been using to knead my dough.  I was using the cart as a place to keep my KA mixer handy but out of the way of everyday stuff, and I have found it to be great for working my dough, enough grab to create surface tension on the dough yet easy to clean - works for me!