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Forkish: Saturday White Bread

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Forkish: Saturday White Bread

I rec'd Ken Forkish's Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast as a holiday gift.

LeCruset Coquette, Glick's High Gluten Bread flour.

1st attempt at this recipe - not too shabby.




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Not too shabby, is right!  That loaf looks fantastic, nice rise and the crumb looks perfect.  Way to go, Evening!  I may need to see if the library has this book!  It's certainly giving inspiration for some great looking loaves.


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I have read one should keep salt separate from yeast as salt inhibits yeast.

 I made Saturday White Bread today, Ken Forkish's recipe. According to the recipe, after autolyze, the salt and yeast should be sprinkled evenly over the top of the dough. Then you do folds to incorporate. 

I, instead, sprinkled the salt first and did some folds and then sprinkled the yeast and did some folds.

The loaf is too warm to cut. It did rise nicely. 

Thoughts please. Do I need to be as cautious as I was, keeping the salt and yeast separate?

Thank you

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I have read the same and do exacly what you are doing - incorporating the salt into the autolyse before the yeast.


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We noticed a big difference in taste between the two. We were finishing a loaf a Lahey's overnight no knead and cut Forkish's Saturday White Bread. We had the chance to compare both. even with Lahey's bread being 3 days old, we much prefer Lahey's. I now can understand the comments I have read on this forum. Bread we use to enjoy, now seems to taste so bland.

Now I want to explore recipes that use a poolish, biga, etc. 

Thank you Floyd and my fellow bakers on TFL for the inspiration.

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That's one picturesque loaf o' bread, evening.  Glick's Flour?  New to me.  Great looking crust.  Nice'n thick.  I can hear it crunch and send crumbs all over the counter when sliced, just the way it should. 

Another Forkish formula hits the mark.  Nice baking!


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The dutch oven method seems to do a great job at thick crust development. 

re: Glicks - I found it on sale in the Kosher aisle at a local supermarket -  two 5lb bags for $5.

They didn't have KA so I took the chance - seems to work alright.

The label on the package says the company is in Marlboro NJ, so maybe it's an east coast thing.

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White Bread even in the morning!

Happy Baking.