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Peter Reinhart's Transitional WW Loaf

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Peter Reinhart's Transitional WW Loaf


I recently purchased Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain book and since I grind my own whole wheat flour, I decided to start with the transitional loaf. It turned out very flavorful and softer than I ever expected. I think it needed to let it rise a little longer, but it didn't impact anything. My husband enjoyed it a great deal which surprised me since he hasn't liked any of the whole wheat variation's I've tried in the past. I'm glad because I think this has become the new weekly staple.


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The whole book is very good, indeed! The 100% whole wheat sandwich loaf is just as tasty! 

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I can't wait to try the 100% whole wheat. I'm also looking forward to trying the mashing technique. I once did an ethopian beer with malted grain and a par baked loaf of bread and I've used spent grains in my bread and used beer in place of water. It's funny that until now, I've never considered using a mash as a method for my bread.

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You won't believe the sweetness a WW mash adds to the loaf.


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I haven't tried that yet.   It looks great.   -Varda

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I use the recipes in that book a lot.  The sandwich loaf is a staple in out house.  I find that it never takes the amount of water called for though.  If I do follow the recipe it always comes out too wet and I am grinding my own flour.  I havent figured out why.  Enjoy the book!