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Apple Cider Baguettes

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Apple Cider Baguettes

Tasty with everything, I think!!

Hmmm Apple cider….

You will love the spicy chilli chicken rolls at the end of the post!!

Now I am going to make it easy today….

I used this as a sort of base recipe.


But there are a few tweaks to make it what it is now:)

Yummy in and out!

We still make the poolish but INSTEAD of using warm water, I have used a 4 month old apple yeast I had in the fridge.

You will need for the Poolish..

30g Rye flour

5g of dried yeast

1 cup of strong bakers flour

120g of warm water (use apple yeast/ juice)

I warmed it slightly  and carried on as you do:)

Now if you have no apple yeast, which most people don’t, use apple juice then….the sugars in the apple juice will give it a nice boost:)

So all the same for the poolish bar the liquid.

Dough going to prove….

What to do:

Warm water and add in yeast, allow to become frothy.

Mix the rye and plain flour together.

Pour in the water yeast mix and stir well.

Cover tightly and place in the fridge.

I think 12-18 hours is best.

Apple yeast….

Now the second change is this, where you use the bulk water below, use apple cider…..

Part two:

3 & 1/2 cups of strong bakers flour

Pinch of salt

10 g of dried yeast

30mls warm water

200-220 mls water (use apple cider)

Finished rising

Shape that dough!

Warm the water a little and add in the dried yeast as done earlier, allowing time to develop.

Pour into poolish from the day before and mix well along with the cider.

Add to flour (not salt yet) and form a dough, then add in the salt.

Knead for about 10 minutes until smooth, soft and elastic.

Place into lightly oiled bowl and cover with a tea towel.

Leave for 90 minutes.

Twist to shape….

Place dough on a lightly flour board/bench and cut into 4 pieces.

Take your piece and gently form a rectangle with the dough using your fingertips to spread the dough out.

Fold the end of the dough nearest to you to the middle (so it will be thirds) and then do the same with the further side away from you.

Fold dough in half, joining the seams by twisting them gently together with your thumb and finger.

Then gently roll dough with both palms to slightly lengthen the dough to the length you want.

I made mine about 15-20cms long.

Ready to prove…

Another small change was I did not leave this as long to prove, the added sugars etc doing their work:)

Place the dough in a lightly floured cloth (or actual couche if you are lucky enough) as above, allowing room to expand, making pleats in between them.

Cover the dough and leave for a further 60- 90  minutes.

Preheat oven 30 minutes before to 240 Celsius.

Proving, Proving, Proving…

Mmm, almost ready for cheese!!

No slashing with these ones….But you can if you want to!!

When proving is finished and you are ready to bake, sprinkle tray or stone with semolina.

Quickly place bread on the baking trays or peel.

Open the oven and quickly spray with the mister and place tray in the oven or bread onto stone.

Bake for 16 minutes or 20-25 if you make a larger loaf or 12 minutes if you make smaller, thinner baguettes.

Remove from oven and allow to cool on racks.

Ready for ……whatever you like!!

Add in what ever you like!!

My husband made a chilli chicken and we had some of that left over, so in it went with lettuce .

Bacon and egg rolls, hmm, that would be nice….

Corned beef and ranchslaw….Yummy yum yum!!

Even just a nice wedge of pecorino or piece of salame.

Spicy chilli chicken and lettuce.


Maybe ham, lettuce, chutney and cheese?

Dig in!!

P.S :I did not slash the top of these ones….



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wish I could get them to look so good, will have to just try some more, the birds will eat the mistakes I can't!

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i know my local ones don't:)