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Saturday Bread on a Sunday

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Saturday Bread on a Sunday

Decided to start with one of Ken Forkish's easier recipes and made the Saturday Bread.  It turned out pretty good and I would say it is probably the nicest looking bread that I have made on my short journey to bread geekdom.  Finally got the nice rings from my wicker basket (you should have seen some of my past disasters).  I used a czech flour to flour the basket - it was a coarse wheat and I think that made it less sticky than the previous AP I was using (didnt have to add rice flour). 


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loaf of bread on any Day!  Beautifully baked to that  dark brown tasty stage of crust.

Well done!

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That's a beautiful loaf of bread in every respect.  

Very nice baking,


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Your bread is every bit as gorgeous as the breads featured in Mr. Forkish's book :^)
What a pretty-looking loaf with the flour pattern, and the bloom during baking; the crust and crumb look wonderful.
:^) breadsong

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you are just starting baking?   Awesome.   (And would still be even if you've been baking for years.)  -Varda

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Thank you for the compliments.  I only started baking a couple of months ago, so it's awesome to hear praises from amazing bakers like yourselves.  I still have a ton to learn, but thats what keeps this hobby fun.  Well...that and the delicious bread we all get to eat. :)