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Bread & Ocean

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Bread & Ocean

I've been on vacation this week. Of course I have to be a bakery tourist. I came across Bread & Ocean in Manzanita, Oregon (see map).

A nice little place, that makes some interesting sounding breads: fig-walnut bread, potato-rosemary leek bread, spelt bread, german seeded bread, as well as the standard french bagettes and sourdoughs.

I tried one of their sweets, an almond-poppy seed bun. It was excellent.


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Rick Browne

Help, help, looking for a bakery in or near Portland, Oregon that does a good Swedish Limpa bread. It's my wife's favorite and we can't find it out here, get our shipped in from Connecticut.

Rick Browne

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OMG..I miss good deli rye & pumpernickel...great bagels and deli!!
Proscitto..Proscittini..Cappicola..hmm I can smell the cardomom in the limpa. Basically, I live in the boondocks of OR..but I know you can find great bread in "The City/Portland".
Where in CT ?..I grew up in Simsbury
PS: Sorry for the spelling errors