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Loaf Rise to Canterbury: Our Journeys with the Yeast

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Our Crumb

Loaf Rise to Canterbury: Our Journeys with the Yeast

According to Floyd's clock, it has been exactly a year since I emerged from lurkdom @ TFL.  So it's a good day to thank our gracious and attentive host for his hospitality at The Loafers' Inn, and as well to thank Floyd's far-flung guests who have enlivened and enriched my bread journey so generously over the past twelve months.

We are pilgrims on separate paths to our uniquely personal leavened Canterburys, all intersecting at Floyd's Inn.  Some arrived long ago yet linger, lurk or share, while others have wandered away leaving rich legacies on the TFL server.  For many, the journey continues, stopping over to trade millers', bolters' and bakers' tales of crust and crumb, lending support in the passing of fellow travelers or their kin, through work changes, retirements, medical challenges, sundry personal crises or merely a distressingly dense crumb or moribund starter.   To paraphrase a poet: You can get almost anything you want at Floyd's TFL Inn.

To my fellow and former travelers on this unexpected but rewarding pilgrimage, from Brisbane to British Columbia, Fresno to Ft Bragg, Arizona to Seattle, Dubai to Newcastle, Massachusetts to Montana, and all points in between....

Thank you all,
     Happy New Year
               Happy Baking in 2013
                              and don't forget the salt.



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to you Tom.  I love and have to admit an addiction to your  Toady Tom's Tasty Toasted Tidbits (added Tasty just now) and put them in just about everything bread.  My formulas are so Plain Jane otherwise :-)