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Portuguese Sweet Bread

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Portuguese Sweet Bread

For the holidays, I decided to move away from the typical four ingredients and go with somethimg richer.  I remembered that when I was perusing the BBA book, I found a recipe that caught my eye - Portuguese Sweet Bread.  I hope you enjoy some of the pics tha I took along the way.  The bread turned out great, even though I was missing some of the key ingredients, like shortening and lemon and orange extracts.


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some kind of brown crust and crumb you have there.  Just beautiful.

Nicely done.

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Portuguese sweet bread.   Your adaptations worked.    -Varda

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Beautiful looking bread!  I bet that will make some great sandwiches or French Toast.


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for the encouraging words.   Instead of shortening I substituted butter and used Grand Marnier instead of orange extract.  I also doubled the vanilla extract.  It worked out.  Delicious with sweet butter.

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Your breads look like bright, shiny round Christmas ornaments :^)
Grand Marnier and double vanilla - wonderful flavors - this bread must have tasted amazingly good.
Your version of pão doce is really beautiful!
:^) breadsong