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thank you island 66

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thank you island 66

The formula you posted for the potato/ricotta bread was a winner !!  I am so glad that my refridgerator contents contained all that I needed . I made a couple changes . I used leftover scalloped potatoes that contained some bits of ham and onions. I mashed them with some milk to what I hoped was a good consistency. You were right about the dough being goopy :) was. I had already put in all the water , I am used to working with really wet doughs, but I still thought perhaps this was too wet. I added about 1/2 c more flour as it was working in the KA. That turned out to be the perfect amount. 

I did the 30 in the bowl s & f's with a spatula x3  at 30 minute intervals. I then let it rest another 30 minutes and turned it out on the  lightly floured counter. I did one s & f and waited 30 min and did one more. You can see how strong the dough got with that. I then followed the routine I do with all the breads I bake. I shaped 3 boules from the 2100 grams of dough. Placed in floured/cloth-lined baskets, rise for 1 hr at room temp and then retard in fridge for 24 hrs. Preheat pots at 500 and place cold slashed  loaves in  hot pots, reduce heat to 460 and bake 15 min covered and 15 min uncovered to an internal temp of 205. The only thing I did that I regret was removing the loaves from the hot pots after 15 minutes. In 4 yrs of baking this way I have never tried it. I loved the way the sides browned all the way down but it compressed the crumb just the tiniest bit on the bottom :( Ah well wouldn't be baking if I didn't learn something new ! Oh also wanted to note after baking loaves were 600 grams each down from 700 g. 


This bread is amazing. The crumb is so tender and rich . The crust is crunchy and not tough at all. I got gringe with the scoring . The thought I was baking pastry. I can't recommend this enough. It is a keeper for sure. I guess I will have to make scalloped potatoes and freeze them for this bread . 


Here are some pics . 

after 1st s & f


after 2nd s & f...noted much better development:


in flour lined baskets ready for 1 hr rise:




just out of the fridge after 24 hr retard :





another retarded loaf:



turned out on parchment sling ready to score and bake :



scored and ready for hot pot :




just out of the oven :



close up :



crumb..note compression at bottom of loaf :( 


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When I bake in a DO and remove the bread to finish baking,  I bake for 17 minutes for boules that large, then uncover the bread and bake for 5 more minutes in the DO, convection this time, and then remove the bread from the DO to finish baking.  No compressed bottoms that way and you still get the beautiful crust all over.

Love your Scalloped Potato and Ham version of Ian's bread.  It has to be tasty.

Happy Baking


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That is why I love this forum. Advice offered and taken :) I have baked in my " hot pots " for 4 years now and have been OK with the way the loaves browned. I got a wild idea today to remove them and let them finish on the rack. Thank you for that suggestion. I believe that the problem will be solved...will post back after next bake. Thanks again. 1 st loaf almost gone with a lovely full cream French cheese :) 

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Hi Trailrunner....I'm so glad your bread turned out so well.  It looks like it came out great and I'm sure the leftover bits of ham in the potatoes only made it better.  I'm glad I could inspire you to try this.


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this is such a lovely after is even better . I froze 2 loaves to have with soup later this week. I will definitely be making this again. Thank you Ian. c