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Maple syrup in breads

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Maple syrup in breads

Hi all,

I have been baking breads for a while.  I have seen all sorts of sweeteners used in breads such as honey, molasses, agave, brown and regular sugar.  I do not have a recipe with maple syrup.  I made this comment, while munching on my latest loaf, to my wife and was asked why.  That is a good question, so I thought I would pose this question to the forum.  Why isn't there a recipe that uses maple syrup as the sweetener in a bread?  If there is, please let me know where I can find the recipe.  I thank you all, in advance.

Happy Holidays!

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I have never tried this recipe, but found it in the search for maple syrup in breads... sounds good.

this is the url for the recipe... made with KA flour.

If you decide to make it, please let us know the result.

Happy discovery baking,


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Maple syrup is one of the ingredients in this bread. There is a lovely write-up, recipe, and formula here:

I've made this bread, and really enjoyed it!
Happy baking,
:^) breadsong


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This is a really good one.

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If I run out of honey, I use maple syrup, and have often used it as the sweetener in everything from potato bread to sweet bread and buns.

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For me the honey,corn syrup and sugars are much less expensive. Maple syrup is something I always measured out in a few tablespoons and never thought of in cups. It probably adds a wonderful flavor to an oatmeal or wholegrain bread-esp toasted.

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Excellent sandwich and toasting bread.

The version in The Art of Handmade Bread uses maple syrup, although the one he gives in The Guardian does not. I've tried it both ways and found the maple syrup version is more aromatic.

The recipe, with one baker's report on results.

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Can you substitute maple syrup 1 for 1 with honey?  I imagine the water content in the maple syrup is a little higher

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Simply put Maple Syrup is too expensive compared to other sweeteners.  And unless your pouring over waffles or pancakes (yum) you'd have to use quite a bit to bring the flavor out in a loaf of bread.  So its very expensive and its flavor is mild.  

Now how about using caramel in bread???  I've thought to caramelize all the sugar in a brioche dough and see how that goes.  After it was caramlized I'd add the milk and melt it into the milk so its in liquid state.  Along with that I think I'll brown a portion of the butter in the dough taboot(25% of the butter).  Sounds like it would have to be good.    Will begin experiments next year. 



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I always buy extra cans when they go on sale here in Montreal, and I've used it 1 to 1 for honey.  Good honey is more expensive here than maple syrup.  It does tend to be more 'liquidy' than honey, but since I never weigh, or measure, much of anything except salt when I'm making bread, it all works out in the end.