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Cuddling Brioches

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Cuddling Brioches

Not much substance in this post. I got a new 8 inch brioche mold in the mail and decided to make a gigantic brioche a tete, along with two small ones. The photo below is kind of cute because it looks like the big brioche is cuddling against the little brioche. Please excuse the obvious technical flaws. The tete was too large - it's 200 grams of dough vs. 400 grams for the body. Next time I'll scale it down to 150 for the tete and 450 for the body. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this entirely inconsequential photo!


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What a good time of year to bake your own nativity scene! Made me think immediately of Mary and Jesus... Brioche is beautiful... I may have to get one of those fancy pans... I bet it tastes lovely. I like the brioche we made from ITJB... never had it before the challenge baking, that I know of.  Good Job YY... 

Fa-la-la... and Christmas Baking,


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How cute.  To me it looks as though both are cuddling up to each other :-)

By the way, if you hadn't mentioned it I never would have thought the larger one wasn't perfect.  Sure looks just fine to me.

Thanks for the peek at 'cute'


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They came out wonderful.

How does one eat a brioche? Remove the top cap to expose the fluffy interior? :)

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Ah. How sweet. I did enjoy this picture of a warm buttery cuddle..