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White Spelt "City Bread" - Sort of

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Wandering Bread

White Spelt "City Bread" - Sort of

Well I started off trying to recreate this great looking white spelt bread from "Tartine Bread Experiment" but I took some twists and turns on the way. It ended up pretty darn good considering there was a whole lot of improvising going on.

Read my hopefully somewhat amusing breakdown at Wandering Bread.


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Very nice scoring!

And - yes, I did track through to your blog - and loved the story!!!

(and tracked through to the source - which was another lovely story also!!  One for trying - definitely!)

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Wandering Bread

Thanks Salilah!

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Love your story about your bread.  Hope your audition turned out as well as your "soup" bread did :).

I saw the same post last week and have made a mental note to try that circle slash as well.

Many a foul word has been uttered in my kitchen while attempting a loaf.  I won't mention the time the baguette stuck to my peel and ended up on the floor of my oven and kitchen.  My cats hid for several hours :).


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Wandering Bread

Hah! Yes, I always have heart palpitations when I take high hydration doughs out of their proofing bowls after a set of them adhered to the floured tea towels and shredded into stringy pancakes. It's sure a lot of work to baby some dough over several days only to have it go all wrong at the very last minute!

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not one to try a spiral cut when short straight ones elude me :-)   A beautiful loaf trough tials and tribulations makes it all worthwhile.

Ncie baking!