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36 Hour Sourdough Boule

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Wandering Bread

36 Hour Sourdough Boule

My wife is having a girls weekend in Barcelona with her friends, so the kids and I are drowning our sorrows in dough. This 10% rye boule was made with a combination of techniques from David Snyder's San Joaquin Sourdough and txfarmer's 36 hour baguettes. Crispy, crunchy crust and soft but chewy crumb with medium sour tang. Very satisfying.


Recipe and story at Wandering Bread



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What a beautiful loaf of bread!  The scoring, the color of the crust and the crumb.  Wonderful to gaze upon and I imagine wonderful to eat.  Lucky kids having a dad who knows how to bake such a beautiful loaf of bread.  I imagine they have no sorrows to drown :-)


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That looks so good, I can taste it!  Yummy.

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Wandering Bread

Thanks to both of you! It was in fact VERY yummy. 

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Beauty! This is a beautiful bread inside out, Ryan!



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Song Of The Baker

I envy the colouring you get on the exterior of your boule.  So nice.

I need to try this one out soon!  Thanks for the inspiration.


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some very fancy do scoring and  that  crunchy brown crust is hiding a beauitfully open crumb.   Bet it is moist and soft yet chewy too.

Nice baking