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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wandering Bread

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey y'all, I don't have time to post the recipies but I just wanted to give a big happy Thanksgiving to everyone here on TFL! Hope you all are eating well today, we certanly are...

Apple and sweet potato. 




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Looks great!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ryan!


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When you get a chance I would like to know what fat(s) you used in that spectacular crust.


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Those are beauties. I especially admire the lattice work!  Your dining mates are very lucky!


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with awsome looking crust.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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paste lattice work.  Beautiful!  Nothing like.....PIE!!!!  Never had a bad one and yours are terrific.

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Wandering Bread

Thanks everyone for the kind words! Jeff, it's just butter. I am in Switzerland at the moment so I'm using Euorpean butter which is higher fat that the regular US stuff. I can report that the crust was tender, flaky and very flavorful. To me the secret is doing it by hand, without a food processor, and VERY minimal handling. The dough cracks and falls apart all over the place while I'm rolling it out and putting it in the pan. I just press it back together where I need to. I also like to leave my crust relatively thick, which is why you can see the layers puff up in the lattice. Happy Thanksgiving!!!