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Thanksgiving Pies

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Thanksgiving Pies

Lots of baking going on today, in addition to trying out a San Francisco Sourdough recipe from Dave Snyder, pie baking for Thanksgiving was in order.  I found a great Sweet Potato Pie recipe on this site which was submitted by SylviaH.  It's definitely a keeper. 



I also made a pecan pie that's in the oven now--


The San Francisco Sourdough is in its bulk fermentation - I've done one stretch and fold so far and it's looking good.  I hope to bake it tomorrow before the Turkey goes in the oven.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and thank you to Floydm for this wonderful website.


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Mini Oven

And Thanksgiving Blessings on everyone! 

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pie and your two pies are the reason why!  Nice baking.  Hope the SFSD is just as good too!

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Yes, the SFSD came out really well. Good oven spring, holey, and sour(but not too sour, could even be more?).  I could stand to work on my boule shaping and scoring techniques, but I'm pleased with the results and will make this one again, soon!

Here is a picture of the bread's crumb - nice and holey!

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To you and yours!  Your pies are awsomely delicious looking.  Your welcome for the SPP recipe : )