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Suggestion for demonstration recipe, please

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Suggestion for demonstration recipe, please

Hi, all,

I am planning to do a demo with two of my kids' classes after Thanksgiving.  I plan to take my grain mill (hand cranked) to show them the full process from wheat berries to bread.  I will be letting them help to mill flour, mix and knead.  I will have a second batch of dough ready to form tiny hearth loaves that I can then bake and send back the following morning.  The thing is, I don't want the dough to be too difficult for them to work (2nd and 4th grades).  The 100% whole wheat recipe I use is from Laurel's book, and is great, but would be a little much for them.  I'm thinking of a dough more along the lines of a 75/25 white/wheat, or a 50/50.


If anyone can suggest a recipe that might work well for this, I would be extremely grateful.


Brandon (Bubba)

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Just adjust the hydration a little to make it easier to knead.  Depending on the ages of the kids and the amount of time you have, you may want to get it started and past the sticky stage before they take over.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I'm going to try some different hydration levels while i'm off work for Thanksgiving.  I really want them to be able to see the full process, so I'm going to try to not premix, except for what I have them shape for baking.

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Also might be worth it to add some butter so the dough is easier to work with or form. It always amazed me how our Pain Au Lait WW was much easier to work than 100%WW.