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1/3 wholemeal with black sesame seed

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1/3 wholemeal with black sesame seed


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just out of the oven so had to share

1/3 wholemeal flour sour dough with 2% sesame oil and 4% black sesame seeds in the bread no stretch and folds cold bulk fermentation 20 hours

shape and cold fermentation rise for 4 hours and into the oven just come out and tastes pretty good will take home and enjoy for tea. 

regards yozza

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Lovely-looking loaf Derek,

Is it white wholewheat?   The bread is very light in colour as well as texture.

All good wishes


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Hi Andy and you will be pleased to know no additional gluten, i didn't really notice the wholemeal's pedigree as it was in the flour bin at work and using 1/3 to 2/3 white flour does allow the colour to be a little on the light side, i will take note of the bag when i'm in the store room next time.

It was a bit of an experiment , i have made it previously but with the stretch and folds then shaping and putting on couches for an overnight fermentation. this time it was mixed then long cold bulk fermentation knocked back and handed up and then shaped onto couches and back in the retarder as i had to wait till the end of service in the restaurant before i could use the oven.

I have also made this as a timed dough with yeast  and it was used in the restaurant for the dinner rolls  with rave reviews from the clientelle. It is amazingly aromatic with the sesame oil and the black sesame seeds in the dough along with the white sesame seeds on the outside.

Regards Yozza  

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This is some beautiful open crumbed bread, Derek. Very nice interior indeed, and shattering crust looks great too.

Where on earth have you been :) ? How is your new job going?

Anyway, glad you peeked inand made a lovely comeback.


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Hi Khalid

thanks  i just managed to finish baking the bread and cool it enough to take pics and post at workbefore knock off time.I get home and do a couple of hours working on the yacht to get her ready for relauncing next week and  now get home again and  have 2 posts from the 2 bakers that i met on my travels .

I have been quite busy since getting back and the new duties are going  really well.

I have even run an evening class at work  "An intro to bread baking'' where we had 7 paying participants   6 of them from the college including 2 of the chefs a campus manager a science technician an IT person and a couple of  girls, one from the office and the other a member of the public.

It was an ambitious evening where we processed a 2 hour timed wholemeal dough that i got ready prior to the start of the class, we then made an instant fruit dough followed by a hand made dough on the bench that was taken home to bake which was in fact a 1/3 w/meal black sesame dough. this was all accomplished in the 3 and a half hours that i had available 6.00 to 9.30pm.  A good time was had by all  and the customer comment forms were all very good and positive so much so that i have been asked to do that class again and the other two that i suggested being "WOOD FIRED OVEN"  firing pizaa making and bread making.  and "INTRODUCTION TO SOURDOUGH"  with dough making, stretch and fold techniques, sour dough culture maintenance and the baking of a dough that i will have prepared the day before. they will also be able to have some of the culture that i have maintained at work for over 3 years. This going to happen next year with the WFO being subject to no total fire bans being in place or being held  as the weather is more conducive.

I am aware that i have still to complete ROYAL RENDEZVOUS PART 2  wher i caught up with baking royalty! i haven't forgotten and will pen it soon.

Kind regards Yozza

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I'm glad that you now head a bread baking tutorial class, and that your students are ecstatic about your way of introducing the wonderful world of bread to them, sounds like a great potential for a lasting career!

Andy, and i, have been on the look out for your part II Royal rendevous, and after having met you in person, are glad that you've shown up with a lovely bread post Again.

All the best to you, Derek.

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Such a great-looking loaf, with the contrasting sesame and amazing crumb...must have tasted wonderful too!
:^) breadsong

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Hi Breadsong and an aroma that fills a room especially toasted this morning for breakfast with a fresh Poached Barnvelder egg on top!!!

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bread.  The open airy crumb is just gorgeous in contrast with the black sesame seeds.  So what hydration was this beautiful bread?

Very nice baking indeed.

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Hi Dabrowman

This is my standard 3:2:1 sourdough  with the addition of 2% sesame oil and 4% blacksesame seed

3 flour + 2 water + 1 sourdough starter so that would be 66% addition of water  but the starter is at 100% hydration so therefore the hydration would be 71.4% overall.

Kind regards yozza