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Attention KC area bakers, Great River Milling flour at Costco

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Postal Grunt

Attention KC area bakers, Great River Milling flour at Costco

Mrs PG and I were depleting our checking account at CostCo in midtown KC, MO when I ran across Great River Milling whole wheat flour in 10# bags for about $8.50. Usually, I would've snapped up a bag just to try it out but we had too many pre-Thanksgiving purchases to make. Their website has more information about their products.


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Thanks for the plug Jim we did get a test run in the Midwest Costco's




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I picked up a bag of the Great River whole wheat flour at a Costco in Overland Park, KS.  While I've only baked a couple of breads with it, my first impression is favorable.  I'm glad for that, since your product would only be available by mail order, ortherwise.

Would you be so kind as to post an analysis (or specifications) of the flour, please?

And if there are any tips that you can offer to the home baker for maximizing the flour's potential in breads, that would also be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hello Paul

Thank you giving our product a try. It is 100% whole grain stone ground flour. Our protein is in the 14-15% range 1.5 ash content 13.5 max moisture and very high falling numbers typically over 400. So hydration is critical. Our flour tends to absorb a lot of liquid.

Not sure I can post a spec sheet here but if you contact me at my business e-mail I will certainly send you one. my e-mail is