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NY Deli Rye with garlic and rosemary

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NY Deli Rye with garlic and rosemary

I have been for the last couple of weeks using a nearly pure rye sourdough starter and have baked nothing but the New York Deli recipe from P. Reinhart's BBA.  I love the addition of the fried onions.  So far I have added the onions to the final dough and at some pont I will try adding them to the starter to see if it makes a difference.  For my last bake, I reduced the fried onion and added garlic to cook lightly, but not brown.  With the heat off, I added the caraway seed and fresh rosemary.

This bread has a really nice subtle garlic, onion and rosemary flavour and just screams out for a large pile of corned beef or pastrami lathered with both hot and grainy mustard.  Darn, that could have been an apres ski dinner, but the deli is closed . . .

I had incredible oven spring from this loaf.  Next bake I will also include a post proof, pre-bake photo.  I have now had 3 consecutive success's baking with my rye sourdough and will share what has worked very well for me.  Pre bake I refresh the mother rye starter as follows:

25 g seed

50 g light rye flour

40 g water

This is mixed well in a measured container and left to at least double.  This has taken anywhere from 4 to 28 hours depending on when the mother starter was last refreshed -- I do it weekly now.  After the initial build had doubled or more, I went to a second build:

115 g first build

60 g light rye flour

60 g strong bread flour

96 g water

The second build has consistently doubled or more in about an hour.  For this bake I had to put it in the fridge after a half hour as it was a ski day.  Six hours later, I removed the second build from the fridge and it had nearly overflowed the container.  Time to get baking!

NY Deli Rye w/ garlic and rosemary

151 g second starter, (it is hard to hit 150 perfectly and decided not to be anal about things.  bread is so forgiving in that way!)

50 g light rye flour

151 g bread flour

30 g greek yogurt, full fat

30 g whole milk

100 g water

1 Tbs brown sugar

1 tsp caraway seeds, pounded in a mortar and pestle, they didn't reduce much

90 g finely chopped onion, fried, weighed before cooking

20 g coarsly chopped garlic, fried, weighed before cooking

1-11/2 tsp fresh minced rosemary, less than 1 g, my scale only weighs to full grams, not fractions and I should have spent the extra 5 bucks . . .

1 Tbs canola oil for frying the savourys

1/2 Tbs EVOO for the main dough mix

11/4 tsp salt

I have been adding the salt in the final couple of S&F's of late, thanks to reading Carol Field's The Italian Baker.  So mix well, rest for 5, mix well again, rest 10, then 4 S&F's with 10 rest.  After a 1 hour bulk rise this dough had more than doubled.  This starter works faster than commercial yeast!  Pre-shaped, rested 5 then shaped a loaf.  After 30 minutes it was oven on to my 500F max, then another 30 minutes proof.  Scored and baked with steam for 20 turning and removing the steam pan at the half.

This was a fun bake I was able to fit around my schedule and am enjoying the whole sourdough leavening process.  The sourdough preferments add great flavour, I find the final dough develops strength quickly and the finished bread keeps surprising well on the kitchen counter.

BakeON!  Brian


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It looks like a very tasty bread full of flavor.  Especially like the yogurt, onions and rosemary combination.

Bake on

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Very nice loaf Brian.  Don't know if you own a copy of Inside the Jewish Bakery but there is a wonderful Jewish Deli Rye recipe in it that is really good too.  These deli rye loaves are fun to bake especially since the smell soooo good when baking :-)

Take Care,


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I don't own this book, but it sounds most interesting.  I tried without success to find the book in ouor library system today with no luck and it sounds like I will have to order a copy.  Thanks for the reference Janet!


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Hi Brian,

You might be interested in checking out the challenge 'room' here.  There are a lot of the recipes from that book being baked there.  It has a selection of breads as well as 'sweets'.

Sorry to hear you can't get it in a library near by.  .  A good way to preview a book before purchasing. I have saved af money that way in the past. I imagine that your library has to be selective when ordering books due to budget constraints and I would imagine that a book published in Canada by a Canadian would take precedence over one written by an American.   (If you order it be forewarned that it has mistakes in it but Stan has been on top of it and an errata sheet is available online with corrections.)

What I like about the book is the stories that are written between the recipes.  Lots of history of the Jewish bakeries back East if that sort of thing interests you.  Memorabilia....

Take Care,