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Sourdough success but could be improved

I have successfully made a basic sourdough loaf of bread and a sourdough sandwich loaf with 2 Tablespoons of oil and honey. I am however noticing that my loaves are quite heavy. The flavor is perfect in my opinion, the texture is great. i think it could maybe rise a little more, but it is rising above the top of the pan. Any ideas about what I could be doing wrong?

I do add a little more water to the recipe I follow because the dough seems really dry, maybe I just need to knead it a little with that amount of water in it. The recipe doesn't call for kneading it just says to mix until all of the ingredients are wet and then to let it rise for about 4 hours. Then shape into loaves and let it rise again. i usually don't knead it. but notice that it seems to not all get 'wet' unless I add a bit more water.

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Try wrapping the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerating it for 24 hours before the final proof and see if that helps.'s picture

One question. Is that after the first proofing, I shape it and then wrap it in plastic wrap and refridgerate, then proof again?

Also would you mind explaining the benefits of delayed fermentation or putting it in the refridgerator to me?


Thank you!