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Canadian Pumpkin Pie

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Canadian Pumpkin Pie

I went a bit Pumpkin crazy this year - Pumpkin Pie with a twist - bourbon, maple syrup, pecans and fancy flour.

But I must say, the result is outstanding, I have managed to convert 2 pumpkin pie critics into pumpkin pie lovers

Recipe on my blog here


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Pumpkin, bourbon, maple syrup and pecans -- sounds very good to me!  Thank you for posting the recipe.


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this.  She loves pumpkin pie as it is and this might put her into anaphylactic shock!  I'm tempted to add some of my southern roots in there and sneak in a sweet potato too.  Thanks for sharing the recipe. 

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Moya Gray

Love your pie - but wondered, do you have a recipe for an Americanized Hokey Pokey - my husband is a Kiwi and we miss hokey pokey!

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Mouth watering pumpkin pie....anything with pecans and bourbon is high on my list :).

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Thank you for your comments, I am really pleased with the recipe, glad you like it too. 

Moya, isn't Hokey Pokey just golden syrup and baking soda? I too miss the proper NZ HokeyPokey

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Moya Gray

Yes.  sorry for the delayed response, ive been out sick. I can't get the golden syrup in Hawaii and order bu mail is simply too expensive.   Robin from NZ suggested using corn syrup or interestingly honeycomb. I think ill try both and see what happens!  


Thanks and aloha

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This pie looks great I will make it thank you
" hokey pokey" looks like " sea foam" a candy I grew up with
We did the exact recipe process with baking soda but it was molasses, instead of golden syrup or other
Very yummy dental work killer