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Turkish Bread day

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Turkish Bread day

I don't know why on earth i'm having the craving for Turkish flat bread called "pide".

Today i made this kind of Turkish bread...while in the process of making, it came to my mind another kind of Turkish bread called "Simit"

which is bread formed in rings, totally covered in sasame seeds and baked. So i pulled a recipe that an old relative of mine once gave to me, and preapared both breads: Pide: (the flat bread with sesame and black seeds on top) & Simit (The rings covered with sesame)

Pide: is the Turkish flat bread eaten on breakfast also with Kebabs or Koftes.

Simit: bread that is considered to be a quick breakfast while on the go to work, but it is soooo delicious indeed.

I took these pictures as soon as the bread came out of the oven, and man did they taste so good or what!!! Enjoy the pix LD

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Looks great!


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Thanks man, 

yes look great (in fact LOOKED great---they're gone now :D) and taste wonderful too.

Thanks :D

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Can you tell us how to make them?   -Varda

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Thanks Varda, you can find the recipe of the "Pide" here under.

Do you want the recipe for Simit (the rings)?

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Thanks so much for posting the pide instructions.    I am excited to try it.   If you are able to post the Simit as well that would be wonderful.  -Varda

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nice flat and round breads.  Sylvia has me making pides like pizzas in the shape of an oblong boat with gunnel's and topped with some veg (red Yellow and green peppers), Swiss chard and goat cheese.  Delicious! More Greek than Turkish though.    Maybe it is from Crete?

Nice baking!

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Thanks all for your comments.

Yes truly they smell and taste wonderful, and you will enjoy them for sure anyway you chose to top them, or with your favorite kebabs or cheeses.

So here's the recipe for the Turkish flat bread called "Pide"

Yields:  5 mid. size loaves of Pide



125 ml.    water

125 gr.    Bread Flour

 50 gr.    Starter @ 100%hydration (you cane use 2.5 grs. of Insant Yeast or 4 grs. of ADY if you don't wish to use starter)

Mix all ingredients of preferment, cover and let sit at room temperature for 12 hours (ideally at 23-27 degrees C)




325  ml.    Water

425  grs.    Bread Flour

15     grs.    Salt

15     grs.    Sugar

4      grs.   Actice Dry Yeast / or 2 grs. Instant Yeast *

2      tbsp  Olive Oil (not necessarily EV, regular will be fine)

300 grs. Preferment

1     Egg yolk + 2 tbsp milk (Egg wash) {I add a few drops of coffee to this wash to get rid of the egg smell}

Some sesame seeds, and black seeds. 


  • Mix ADY or INY with some warm water (from the water called for in the dough 325ml) and allow to stand for 10-15 mins. untill frothy.
  • In a bowl mix flour with water (warm), yeast water, sugar and olive oil and all of your preferment prepared the night before. Mix well to incorporate all ingredients. Cover and let autolyse for 20 mins. 
  • Add salt and mix well.
  • On floured surface, give the dough S&F depending on how resilient  and resisting your dough is. With mine i could make only two sets (dough should not tear off)
  • Place the dough in an oiled bowl, tightly cover and allow to sit for 45 mins. (temp should be 23-27 C)
  • After 45 mins. give the dough one set of S&F, place back in bowl and let sit for another 45 mins.
  • Repeat S&F one more time and allow to sit for another 45 mins. **
  • On a well floured surface, turn out your dough, devide into rounds and let sit covered for 15 mins.
  • Heat your oven with the backing sheets in it to 240 degrees C at what stage you see it necessary for your oven to reach this temperature.
  • Flour your work surface liberally (dough is so sticky).
  • Take dough round, place it upside down, flour the surface, start spreading length wise in an oblong shape, dusting the surface occasionally to prevent sticking. The spread out dough should be 1/2 cm thick.
  • Now with your fingertips poke the loaf on different places all across the surface. You can be a little bit too aggressive, but not too much. (yes this bread should not rise after having the final shape, and should have very scarce over spring, so deflating the loaf is OK, in fact required).
  • Brush loaf with egg wash (for me i added few drops of coffee to omit the smell of egg)
  • Sprinkle your sesame seeds and balck seeds on the surface.
  • Place ready loaves on your baking sheet, reduce oven tempretaure to 210 C, and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until they are golden brown ***
  • Take out and allow to cool.
Enjoy :D


*  ADY or INY is added to speed things up, but if you prefer to use your starter you can add 10X the amount mentioned   here, but you should note that texture, resilience and even taste will differ as well as bulk fermentation time.

** Upon usuing starter instead of ADY or INY, bulk fermentation time will surely be different from what is mentioned here, so you may want to consider longer fermentation period with more S&F's till dough passes the poke test for readiness.  

***This bread after being sprinkeld with seeds should not be allowed to rise while waiting to be baked. So it is important to prepare loaves as much as your oven can accommodate at one time. When you finish baking them, proceed with the rest of the rounds waiting on your work surface.