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KA Flour, Unpredictable

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KA Flour, Unpredictable

For decades, I have been using KA flour (AP, bread, WW, and rye) for all my bread baking. Given the time, I bake bread once a week.  SD and traditional. I have never experienced any dough problems with KA flour until this month. I know all about hydration,  water temperature, autoylyse, fold and stretch, window pane .... the whole gamut... My recent problems with the AP and bread flours are threefold: (1) very stringy dough (2) very slow rise and/or (3) mottled dough ball.  This past weekend, I used a combination AP + bread flour at my daughter's house (different flour bags) and the darn dough tore!

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in the KA bread/AP flours recently?


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Juergen Krauss

I live in the UK, so I don't have KA flours,

but it sounds like you both might have the same kind of trouble

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I also use KA flour, and I have not noticed any quality problems lately. They have a great customer service department, so it might be worth it to give them a call.