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Sourdough Boule No. 4 Success!

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Sourdough Boule No. 4 Success!

So the past few attempts at my sourdough boule were a flop. A conglomeration of under-proofing, crappy shaping, sticking to the brotform were to blame. So I took a look at the recipe again I decided to make some big changes from the original.


  1. Basco AP flour (awesome stuff) instead of King Arthur Bread flour
  2. Hydration from 60% to 70%
  3. 2 day cold autolyse (bc of my schedule)
  4. 12 hr instead of 24 hr cold ferment


Couldn't help but taste it.

Softest and creamest crumb to-date!

So I let it proof (the final type) at room temp for 8 hrs because I didn't have a choice(work). With my last recipe that would have been no problem but when I returned home this sucker was almost 2 inches above my 8 1/2 inch brotform! I thought for sure overproofed. It was giggly but passing the poke test. So i flipped it onto the baking parchment and suprisingly it didn't deflate, and it came out of the brotform effortlessly due to the rice flour (thanks Ian). This boule was huge! At least 12 inches in diameter if not a bit more. I have never baked a miche but from the pics I've seen my loaf more resembled a miche than a boule (in size anyways). Scared to score it deep, I scored my first name intial L very shallow, plus I figured it wouldn't rise much. And in it went.

Out of the oven I could not have been more pleased! Awesome soft and creamy crumb with a thin crunchy crust. Awesome tang, the most yet! Now that I know the proofing time is faster I will plan for that to get a handle on how big it actually gets. But that will have to wait at least 3 months. 

Thanks TFLer's for all your help!



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Great looking bread.  Nice crumb and crust.

You're getting the hang of this bread thing now!


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Thanks Ian. 

So I brought this bread into work today for the head baker to try and give some pointers. He took a bite and just started shaking his head and said" now that's how I like my sourdough." I was pretty pumped!

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Wow!  Now that's something to be proud of.


To think....if I can get my wife to even try my bread I'm pretty happy!