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Problems Finding Unglazed Quarry Tile in Hudson Valley NY

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Problems Finding Unglazed Quarry Tile in Hudson Valley NY

Hi, I am having a huge problem finding ANYONE in my area (Orange County, NY) who has any idea what I'm talking about when I ask for unglazed tiles, like the quarry stone I've heard so much about on this website, that is suitable for baking. I am currently working with a Pampered Chef pizza stone, and while I have to say it has taken quite a bit of abuse and held up well, it's not suited to my needs. First of all, it's round, and fairly small (24" diameter I think), which limits me, and is very frustrating.

I am searching for a reasonably priced (those baking tiles over at Amazon are not in my budget) solution to line my oven with this seemingly elusive, very affordable method which so many people have located so easily, yet for some reason, I seem to be on the end of the planet where they not only don't exist, no one has ever heard of them. I need probably 4 total - 2 for up top and 2 for the lower rack.

Anyone here from Orange County, NY, or surrounding area who has succeeded in rustling up some of these? PLEASE help - thanks! :)

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Try the Home Depot closest to you.  Go to the tile department and ask for quarry tile (or the cheapest unglazed tile they have). It is typically less than $4/sq ft. It may be in 6"x 6" or 4"x 8" sizes.  It may be red, or gray, or brown, or occasionally mottled (multi-color clay).

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...but this is the question I was asked, "What do you mean by 'unglazed'?" Back to the drawing board...

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Around here Home Depot has not been selling them in stores for quite a while now, although they still show quarry tiles on the website, and I don't remeber ever seeing them in Lowe's.  Menards has them, but you would not have Menards down there, would you?  I suggest that you hit some local tile stores, at the very least they will know what you are talking about.

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I live in a metropolis of over 6 million people and the home/headquarters of Home Depot. My results were as yours(unsuccessful), and from just what I have read here, at tfl over the last 3+ years, seem to be much more typical than someone who (successfully) "just runs down to the local Home Depot and picks these up".

I decided to just "save up" and get a quality baking stone(only a grand total of $35).

Also, measure your Pampered stone(and oven), so you can accurately compare prices. Currently, their largest stones appear to be a 15" round, and a 15 x 12" rectangular.

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That is what I did up here in the Adirondacks of NY...I went to a tile showroom that also does installations and they gladly ordered and cut them for me. I think it cost me a whopping $4.00 to line my oven...

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and Lowe's quit carrying unglazed quarry tiles several years ago.  Some specialty tile places might have some or can order them or  if you live close to Mexico you can drive there and get them no problem.

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I have been using the unglazed quarry tiles for at least 15 years. I had Home Depot cut 2 tiles in half and I use 4 tiles from side to side and 2 1/2 tiles front to back. A total of 10  6-insquare tiles per shelf. That still allows about 2 inches of space at the edges for heat circulation. I have never had any problems with them.