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Latest breads...

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Latest breads...

Here are a couple photos of my latest breads.  I also had some cinnamon rolls, but they're already pretty much gone.  Hee!

Buttermilk and Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, recipe courtesy of JMonkey.


And then my first attempt at Vanilla Challah, recipe by PMcCool.  I braided the dough in a traditional way instead of his swirl, but I think the swirl would be lovely too!  I just wanted the practice:


Loved to braid the dough!  It was a huge hit.  I gave one loaf away and the other was gone in a flash.  :D 


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Paul and jmonkey (even though he doesn't post here much anymore) are both fine bakers and you are taking after them by reading their blogs and baking their recipes.  Way to go.

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Beautiful Challah!

Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you so much!