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help with stollen

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help with stollen

Hello I am hoping bto make stollen for Christmas presents this year. So far I have tried two  formulas from two books and bothe stollen wa very stodgy around the  marzipan in the cente. can anyone please sugest any stollen recipes that is fuss free and easier to make and how can i overcome the  stodgy centre 

thank you for helping in advance and have a great day 


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Hello Bertie !

I have a very good receipe that i make every year !

For 2 big or 4 little stollen

1 kg of flour
75 g yeast
35 cl of warm milk
350 g soft butter + 200 g
125 g sugar
4 g salt
grated zest of one lemon
 280 g almonds
1 drop of bitter almond
160 g candied lemon peel
500 g marzipan
100 g icing sugar

Choose a good  quality marzipan, with (50 % almonds) to have a good result.

• Put the flour in a bowl and dig a hole in the center. Crumble the yeast and 2 tablespoons sugar, half milk and a little flour, make a  little dough soft enough consistency. Cover and let rest for 30 minutes in a warm place.

• Add the remaining milk and sugar, salt and butter. Knead until the dough is homogeneous, strong enough and no longer sticks. Let stand, covered with a cloth for 1 hour warm.

• Mix candied and dry fruit. With marzipan made  2 or 4 tubes of 25 cm length. 

• Flip the dough on a floured surface, flatten. Squeeze a small amount of paste on the mixture of dried fruit, then put all the dough together to distribute the fruit.

• Weigh 600 g dough pieces. Shape them into a long loaf. With a roller, press the stollen in length to form a hollow, not the middle, but 1/3-2/3. Flatten from the middle, so that the dough is 1 cm thick, but leave the edges thicker.
Place the rolls of marzipan in the center. Fold the small part of the largest and then press a little with the roller.

• Place the Stollen on two baking sheet and let rest further 1 hour, or until double in volume.

• Preheat oven to 175 ° C . Bake the stollen for 45 minutes. Right out of the oven, brush with the 200 g melted butter. Sprinkle a thick layer of icing sugar. Let cool and then pack the Stollen in stretch film.

• Wait at least 2-3 days before eating (that is difficult!).

... and have a merry Christmas !   ;-)

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Marie-Claire's sounds good, and I have two, one for Dresdner Stollen and one for Poppy Seed Stollen (Mohnstollen) that I bake every year.