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Discard Starter = Sourdough English Muffins

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Discard Starter = Sourdough English Muffins

With all that discard starter I just couldn't help but send it to the griddle.

Just a little closer...

I followed kjknits recipe, except I let it sit out for 14 hours and in the fridge for 2 hr. I had to make a trip the farmers market. My palate couldn't complain.


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Nice!   That is precisely why I use that recipe too: it is a great way to use up extra starter.


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Thanks Floyd! Yeah, I hate wasting it and what a perfect solution.

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starter for these EM's we make them all the time and keep them frozen so we don't run out!  They are just like Wofferman's too.  This recipe is not only tasty but very adaptable to whole grains and even YW.   It is one of our favorites.

Nice dry frying!

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Excellent looking EM's!  Reminds me I have to make some more myself along with some bagels.


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Thank you Ian, they partner well with homemade strawberry jam!