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metal rack for La Cloche round baker.

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metal rack for La Cloche round baker.


I am looking for a round metal rack to sit inside La Cloche round baker , the idea behind this requirement is that I can place a water container on the inside of the bake of the baker so that it steams while the bread is baking.


please give me your inputs on this idea.


thank you




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I have a Oriental grocery store nearby that stocks tons of fresh food, fish, produce, canned goods, etc.  They also stock pots and pans, steaming baskets and many other cooking utensils.  I bought a 6" and 10" insert for steaming things.  They rest about an inch from the bottom.  If you do not have access to that kind of store, this link should help:

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it with ice cubes.  Works wonderful.

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thank you very much, very beautiful loaf.