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Springerle Dough that keeps its shape

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Truth Serum

Springerle Dough that keeps its shape

I was helping a friend with some springerle dough. She was dissapointed because the cookies lost the crisp definition of the molds after baking. I think that the dough should have a different ratio of fat, sugar and flour and less leveners in it but I thought I should seek advice from all the smart cookies on this forum.

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What a funny coincidence, I was just reading about springerle yesterday! I have not made them myself, but I read that in order to keep the imprint of the mold, they need to dry out before they go in the oven. It was recommended (by Culinara? Epicurious? I can't remember exactly where I read this) that the cookies should be left out at room temp overnight to dry, and then baked the next day.

Hope this helps! I'm curious to know how it goes.

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House on the Hill (a company that sells springerle molds) has a very helpful blog, with tips on working with springerle dough:
(not sure how this recipe compares to the one your friend was using?:  )

The general instruction re: drying in the House on the Hill recipe booklet I have says "Most printed cookies are dried 2-24 hours before baking (depending on your schedule, humidity, etc).  Drying preserves the image during baking."

Best wishes to your friend, for beautiful-cookie-baking!
:^) breadsong

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Truth Serum

I am almost certain it was the humidity. I am almost certain that the formed cookies needed a longer time to dry out.  We will try again.

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springerle joy

All the points made by the community are right on.

By way of introduction, I'm Patrice Romzick, owner of Springerle Joy.

I'd have to know what recipe you used and what you did dry-time wise before I could nail down the culprit.

But for the future, I can recommend a springerle recipe that will work well. It has no butter, relies on whipping your eggs for leavening, and produces moist cookies that rise well.
You can find it at under Recipes in the horizontal menu.

I'd also suggest looking at a series of free videos on the site that cover making the dough, molding the cookies and baking them.

If any community members have questions about springerle cookies, I'm always happy to talk on the phone 412-616-9066 or email at
Happy baking!