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Per Aspera ad Panem!

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Per Aspera ad Panem!

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog!

A little about me. I'm a serious amateur cook with a perfectionist streak. Whether that's good or bad depends on the day. I've baked bread before but have never been excited with the results and for many years I spent my efforts elsewhere. I have the good fortune of having access to quite a good bakery in Rochester, NY and when I visit Boston I often stop at my favorite bakery there. 

Now being someone who finds a creative outlet through food I decided to embark on a baker's journey with the end result being something I didn't have to hang my head in shame when my efforts came out of the oven. Well as the goal was good bread (emphasis on good) I bought a few books, Hamelmans "Bread", the Bread Bakers apprentice and two others of Reinharts and haven't looked back. Onward!


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Nec aspera terrent!  Judging from your comment about perfectionism, I am sure you wouldn't be here if you were daunted by adversity.  Welcome to the Fresh Loaf and may your road to the perfect loaf be fraught with many  pleasant difficulties and intriguing discoveries.  You certainly have come to the right place.

All the best,


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We will look forward to the 'perfect loaf' that will soon come your way - and then the next one that will be even better!

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