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white spelt bread

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white spelt bread

Hello I am not so sure vif this fits here but if not please forgive me. 

I have been asked to make a spelt bread for someone who says she would like to have spelt in stead of rye.To date i hve only mixed white and spelt flour to make some bread.. I have white spelt four and is keen to use it for this trail . What i do not know or have is a formula for a white spelt  sourdough bread. Can anyone please help.

Thank you in anticipation.


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using the search function with white spelt SD as the key.

This was recently on the home page.  It is a combo YW and SD starter high percent spelt and hydration since it is a ciabata.

If you want SD bread then forget the YW and double the SD starter to 200 g.  To make it a bread cut back on the water until you get the 70% or so hydration you are comfortable with.

The search turned up more than 10 pages of listings.  If you want a 100% spelt, 100% hydration mwilson did one recently on his blog and can be found there.

What % of swhite pelt are you looking for?


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Hi Albert

Here's a (VERY) long thread that has my go to spelt recipe in it.  Hope you are well.


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if you want a 100 % white spelt, mwilson has a fine recipe here

it is 100% hydration and not for the feint of heart but you can tone down the hydration to a one that might suit you better.