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It's an ill wind...

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proth5's picture

It's an ill wind...

...that blows no one any good.

Ah yes, the European economic crisis.  Not so good for a whole lot of people.

But I was just leafing through my Lehman's catalog (on line at ) - and truth be told thinking oh - so - hard about the Troycraft mixer - when I saw that the price has dropped on the Diamant (did I mention that I love mine?) - so for all of you who have even considered it - now might be the time.

Not, of course, that it's inexpensive even now :>)

Happy Milling!

pmccool's picture

That seems to be the price point!  Whew!  I'm glad you like yours, Pat.  That's a bit too rich for me, though.


proth5's picture

reported on these pages before - when I bought mine - it cost less than the Country Living Mill does now (I so rarely score a major bargain - so let me gloat a bit).  I might work myself up to buying it at today's prices - but it would be much more of a wrenching decision.

I've enjoyed the thing.

Of couse, if you put "Diamant" into your favorite search engine, you will find a lot of jewelry...


LindyD's picture

Wow, that's a gorgeous piece of equipment, Pat.    Expensive, but beautiful.   

proth5's picture

is a joy forever.  Not only does it grind my triticale flour (not - giving - up!) but sometimes I'll be slaving away over a hot stove and catch a glimpse of it - beautiful (after all these years)!