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Any advice about buying a mixer ?

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Any advice about buying a mixer ?

Hi everyone :) 

I was planning to buy a kitchenaid series 6 ( around 550$ value) and then started to read the reviews about it on amazon and I was shocked buy how many people is hating it and how many times it would break. 

I would like to make artisan bread with it (sourdough, ciabatta, baguette doughs) looking to working with 3-4 lb 

Any recommendation for anything better than kitchenaid and in the same range price please feel free to drop a line. Thanks in advance :) 


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Hi Taz,

You can search the archives here for a lot of information on this subject.  Personally, I would NOT buy a KA mixer for bread.


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I highly recommend the Compact Bosch mixer. It kneads up to 6# of dough effortlessly and efficiently.  It costs less than half the price of the KA and can handle whole grains and stiff doughs without stripping gears.  Patsy

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I agree with the other recommendations about the Bosch. I myself own one, the Bosch Universal Plus. I love it to death. If you plan on using the paddles though, make sure you buy the metal bracket for them, because with some doughs, it'll completely thrash the plastic one the Bosch comes with.

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If you are looking for a stand mixer, talalzahid, the Bosch compact is far superior to the KitchenAid.   And at considerably less cost.   I have both and the KA collects dust for the most part (except when I need to grind meat or mill rye berries).

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A KA will die an ugly death doing 3-4# loaves. I suggest a Magic Mill DLX.


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See my comment here. I don't think you can go wrong with the DLX.



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Thanks everyone and sorry for the late response I was out of town :D more specifically in montreal doing a sandwich tour lol 

The magic mill is really tempteing but I guess I will go with the bosch.

Again Thanks for saving me from the KA lol I will update you with what I bought :D






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I would suggest the electrolux verona