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Out of practice, looking for suggestions for temp adjustments.

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Out of practice, looking for suggestions for temp adjustments.

Hello all.


I've been out of practice for bread baking due to things getting really busy. Bought a house, got married, it's been crazy (off topic - I never recommend closing the house on the same week as your wedding, that was a bit too much).

Woohoo, I have a large country style kitchen now! Hurray! I also had to buy new appliances. I  bought a a 30" Bertazzoni. As far as cooking, it's been absolutely wonderful. Until I get to bread.

Man, this thing is really powerful. I figured that out during cooking. So if I follow directions for a recipe for bread, the crumb will be cooked perfectly, the bottoms will be nearly or is burnt and the tops will have a pale crust as if it was undercooked. So I am thinking I will need to adjust the temp and cook longer to get around this.

Rack movement is a difficult topic, as the oven is actually quite small.  Quite a bit smaller than your standard electric oven and so, I have concerns  about the dough hitting the infrared broiler coils at the top of the oven.  I am going to experiment with some bread to be sure.  However, if it turns out as how I fear..

What is the usual suggestion? a drop of 50 to 100 and an increase of 30 minutes if so?

I need to experiment with the infrared broiler before I use that for browning the tops of breads. In one of my earlier experiments playing with it, I placed some slices of bread on a baking sheet on the lowest rack and managed to catch the bread on fire with the broiler in short time..

I should also note this is my first time having a gas oven, so I am having to learn to adjust a lot of things.