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Digital Scale

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Digital Scale

I’m looking to upgrade my digital scale and am hoping for recommendations.  My scale is becoming more unreliable with smaller weights.  Thanks!!  ~ Russ

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Hi Russ,

Amazon offers an excellent selection.    As does My Weigh:

I have both an Escali and MyWeigh i5000.  I use the MyWeigh most often because the bowl that comes with it is quite handy, but neither can accurately weigh very small amounts, such as 3 grams.  

For that I use an Admetior spoon scale:

Happy shopping!

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Hi LindyD,

I'd never heard of a spoon scale before, that's pretty slick.  Thanks for the tip!!!!  ~ Russ

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Scales small quantities as well as being able to scale up to 17+ lbs.   We use in the bakery and its a fine tool.


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Thanks for the input Josh, and everyone else.  The "bakers percentage" feature on the KD 8000 sounds very handy! How long have you had the scale? I've been using a AWS  AMW-13 for about 4 years, just in the kitchen, and its showing its age.  ~ Russ

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At home I use an OXO digital scale that weighs up to 11 lbs/5k.  It has a detachable read-out that is handy for bowls that are larger than the scale and otherwise obscure the read out.  It's good to 1g.  I think I paid $35-$40 for it.


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I have the same version of your scale but smaller and weighs up to 5.5lbs. It's great, and less expensive.

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I have a Kitchen Aid that i picked up from the Kroger store for 30 bucks. 11 lbs with a 1 gram accuracy. The tare/zero function is tricky & it looses the totals. great size when your scaling a bunch of 700 gr dough balls or 3 gr of orange zest.


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Just about any digital scale that is accurate to 1 gram is fine. I usually pick one up at Target or other big box store. It really depends on the range of weights you need. I also like to use my mixing bowl directly on the scale, so I need one that goes up to 3 kg or so.

For salt and instant yeast, I use measuring spoons rather than weighing as the amounts are so small. I weighed at first and then used the spoons to find an equivalent amount.  Much faster.