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Whoo hoo, first 50# bag of King Arthur Sir Lancelot Flour

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Whoo hoo, first 50# bag of King Arthur Sir Lancelot Flour

Just picked up my 50# bag of King Arthur Sir Lancelot High Gluten Flour from my local distributor in Yonkers, NY, otto brehm. $26 for a 50/lb bag. I had been avoiding picking one up because I always hated going into professional stores as a hobbyist (in other hobbies it was painful), but this was easy and they were very nice. Had a great selection as well. Probably won't be back for a while, but much less hassle than I thought it would be. 

As for storage, can I just leave it in the bag as I use it? I don't have any critter/bug issues, but just not sure if I should put it in a big plastic tub, or should it breathe a little? It'll probably take me a few months to use it all up. 

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What a great price at almost 50 cents a pound.  Nice to see good flour is still cheap.  I keep my extra flour in the chest freezer.   Don't buy 50#s at a time but probably have more than that of various kinds in there somewhere.  I don't let it warm up until I use it though.  You don't want any condensation if you can manage it.

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Leave it in the bag.  Cover tightly and keep in an environment that isn't too warm or humid.  It will keep fine.  If it were whole wheat that would be another matter altogether, but you can store your Sir Lancelot in the bag at room temp.


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What about whole wheat makes it go bad faster, if that's what's happening. Bran etc... go rancid? I was thinking about picking up a patent or first clear, something more rustic, higher ash content, would that fall under the similar category of whole wheat? I have about 6 pounds of various ryes, medium, white, dark etc... and haven't had a high gluten flour to use them in a while. I'll probably end splitting the Sir Lancelot with my Father who bakes as well; but I know he's more interested in the whole wheat and rustic flours. 

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.... makes the bran susceptible to going rancid like any other oil product if improperly stored.

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Kitchen Barbarian

I store my bulk flours in ziploc gallon size freezer bags, which I then keep in a rubbermaid tote.,  Much easier to handle than  a big open bag of flour, and no worries about sealing/resealing.